Video director Pushpinder singh joshi

Pushpinder Singh Joshi

Video Director

Pushpinder Singh Joshi is the founder of Pushpinder Singh Films. His immense passion and love for this form of art, and also the great amount of effort he has put into his creation, he now owns a film production firm, named Vancam Films Bc Ltd., based in Surrey, Bc.

Currently, the director is operating from India, under the name Pushpinder Singh Films and is much loved and appreciated for his undeniably supreme directional skills, which are pretty visible in each of the music videos, he has engineered. All of his music videos are based on different subjects, showcasing his versatility in capturing all kinds of emotions. One of his much-loved creations is the music video, titled ‘PAGAL INSAN’, beautifully sung by Gurmukh Ginni. Through this music video, the director has showcased intricate human emotions in a simple yet impactful way. Nailing his role in handling the concept, screenplay, and direction, the creator has received love and appreciation from the audience as well as the big shots of the industry.

‘Meri Moto’, ‘Delhi Lahore’, ‘Din Dhalde’ – each of these tracks has its own aura, which has been perfectly presented through the unparalleled directional skills of Pushpinder Singh. His artistry has already earned him a huge number of fans and admirers. And, now he is all set to make the audience fall in love with his work once again with his upcoming music video ‘Singga Bolda’, feat. Singga. Shot in Chandigarh, this project is one of his much-anticipated works. Not only this, but his arsenal is also filled with many upcoming projects, like ‘Tere Baare’, ‘Paas Aao’, and ‘Baby’. So stay tuned and till then keep watching his previous videos on YouTube and listen to the tracks, available on all major streaming platforms.